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Medication Management

Medication Management services offered in Tempe and Gilbert, AZ

Medication Management

Medication management plays a vital role in achieving healthy outcomes. You can rely on mental health expert Priti Patel, MD, and the team at Calm Psych in Tempe and Gilbert, Arizona. They have the expertise and experience to provide the essential care you need to manage your medications. Book an appointment today by phone or use the convenient online scheduling tool any time, day or night.

What is medication management?

Medication management is a comprehensive approach to ensuring the safe, effective, and appropriate use of medications to optimize your health outcome. It involves various processes aimed at providing you with the right medications, at the right doses, for the right duration while minimizing your risks and adverse effects.

How does medication management work?

Medication management involves several key components, including:

Medication prescribing

Your Calm Psych first performs an initial assessment of your medical history, current health status, and medication needs. Based on the results, they prescribe appropriate medications, taking into account factors such as drug interactions, allergies, and potential side effects.

Medication dispensing

Once they prescribe your medication, you can pick it up at the pharmacy, hospital, or other healthcare facility. Pharmacists play a vital role in ensuring the accuracy of your prescription, providing counseling on how to take your medication, and addressing any concerns or questions you may have.

Medication administration

You must take your medications as prescribed to achieve the desired therapeutic effects. Proper administration includes following dosage instructions, adhering to prescribed schedules, and understanding any special instructions provided by your Calm Psych practitioner or pharmacist.

Medication monitoring

Your provider monitors your response to your medication regularly to assess effectiveness, detect potential adverse reactions, and make adjustments as needed. This may involve routine checkups, laboratory tests, or other assessments to evaluate your treatment progress.

Medication reconciliation

Medication reconciliation involves reviewing and updating medication lists during transitions of care, such as hospital admissions, transfers, or discharge. Accurate and up-to-date medication lists across healthcare settings ensure the prevention of medication errors, duplicate prescriptions, or interactions between different medications. 

How often do I need medication management appointments?

The frequency of medication management appointments depends on your needs, medical condition, and treatment plan. Initially, appointments may occur every few months and then become less frequent as treatment stabilizes. 

Your Calm Psych provider can recommend the most appropriate schedule for your specific situation.

What are the benefits of medication management?

The benefits of effective medication management are numerous, including:

  • Optimized treatment outcomes
  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved adherence
  • Cost savings

Medication management provides a pathway to effective healthy outcomes. Call Calm Psych today to learn more, or click the online booking feature to set up an appointment.